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Seen Project is a commercial broker company based in Abu Dhabi that includes an electronic platform and this leading e-commerce platform takes the online shopping experience to a new level of comfort and excellenc

Seen offers a comprehensive solution for merchants and companies wishing to enter the world of e-commerce in the UAE and abroad by providing an integrated and smart digital environment that will provide an innovative and safe shopping experience through interactive and seamless interfaces for merchants and users alike, with the flexibility of integration with all complementary systems to manage the operations of merchants and users

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The role of Emirati women is an important part and an essential element in the achievements that the UAE gained. They have proven their presence in all activities also in political and administrative positions and they reached international sectors. Thanks to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan and Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, may God protect her In laying the foundation for effectively involving Emirati women and integrating them into society, Thanks to the wise leadership for the continued support of women in all practical and sustainable development fields, which guarantees a decent life for them and their families, and has become an honorable model of women’s leadership in the world. The idea of the SEEN project came from my vision of the challenges facing them. Home traders and people of determination, as my brother is one of them, especially in marketing, shipping, and delivery of products to users, so the idea of the SEEN platform came to facilitate the process of selling their products and delivering them to users with ease. Our ultimate goal is to bring Emirati trade to the world.

Maitha Al Kathiri Founder of SEEN

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